Crusade rules

-What is Crusade?

Crusade is a social raiding guild. that focuses on 25man end content raiding

-More info about us:

Crusade as a social raiding guild has been active since 2006. Crusaders are mature players (of all ages) that display a friendly and helpful attitude towards their guildies. All members, raiders and social, have equal rights*. The day to day managing of Crusade is performed by the council and the officers. Major changes in the guild are discussed at regular Guild Meetings. All members are expected to agree to and comply with the guild rules. Non-compliance may lead to sanctions or expulsion from the guild.

*The only exception to this is access to the Guild Bank; some items (mostly high end mats and consumables) are restricted for raider use.

-Basic Guidelines of a Crusader:

  • Behave in a friendly and helpful way towards other members;
  • If someone asks a question in chat, and you know the answer, please help them;
  • Visit the website and check facebook (if you are a member) regularly;
  • Do not behave in a way that reflects badly on the guild;
  • If there is an issue between you and another guild member, contact an officer immediately;
  • Swearing and vulgar language in chat or on Discord is frowned upon. Consistent use of bad language will lead to sanctions.


-Ranks of the Guild:

(Being reworked atm)

-Social members:

The core business of Crusade is raiding. However, raiding is not mandatory. We have a substantial group of members who cannot or do not wish to raid. These guildies are members purely because they enjoy the atmosphere and interaction. If you wish to join Crusade as a social member, all we ask of you is that you comply with the general guild rules.

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